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Bafang Motor Servicing


We currently service the later model Bafang motors, common models being the Bafang M500 and M600 series

The Bafang motor is in general a good solid and reliable motor, with good sealing internally - although the external facing main crankshaft bearings, on both the left and right casing sides, commonly fail due to water ingress. Additionally, water (moisture) can be trapped and can pool around the external bearing pockets (that is, the external casing pockets for the two crankshaft bearings, left and right). The most common issue or problem reported by Bafang owners is the increase in the motor noise and the motor roughness... and this relates directly to the main crankshaft bearings that fail. There are other minor bearings that are checked and replaced if required. The gear assemblies and the gear teeth are cleaned of old grease and specialist internal motor gear grease is reapplied.


Bafang Full Bearing Service & Overhaul ($485.00)

  • Disassembly of motor

  • All internal drive train parts removed for thorough clean and inspection

  • All drive train bearings will be removed and replaced with original or better

  • Bafang torque sensor removed with crankshaft, main sprag bearing cleaned and serviced and/or replaced

  • New seals and circlips fitted

  • Where parts are found corroded, failed or worn beyond acceptable limits, the owner will be contacted to discuss options and pricing

  • Specialist greases are applied to all relevant surfaces/parts to maximise protection from water ingress and wear, and on all metal and nylon gear meshing surfaces to proved long-life operation.

  • Specialist waterproofing grease to Bafang external crankshaft bearing pockets and replacement bearings to help better seal against future water and debris ingress (common area of failure with the Bafang motors)

  • Motor is reassembled and tested

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