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Customer Service Reports


We provide a comprehensive Service Report for every motor serviced and repaired. We developed a quick and "easy-to-use" app for our exclusive use. Each report is created by the Service Technician as they are servicing the motor... on their phone. Simple dropdown lists and photos are captured on the phone and directly loaded to the report, as each motor is being serviced. When we finish the motor service, the Service Report is done. Then the software does its magic and produces the Report you see above.

You know what we have done, and we know what was done for our records.

What does the Service Report provide the Customer?

Our Service Report provide every customer with a detailed photographic record of their motor service. It provides the following detail, as we step through the service process:

  • a summary of the Customer's information and issues advised

  • a summary of the Motor - the model, year, serial number and service condition

  • an inspection summary of the Motor externals

  • a summary of the Motor operation - operation of cranks rotations as received

  • a summary of the Motor internals - what we find when the motor is opened

    • the general condition

    • left and right crankshaft bearings and seals

    • condition of the gears (and belt)

    • condition of the freewheel components

    • condition of the sprag and clutch bearings

    • condition of main drive, needle roller and other bearings

    • condition of internal seals

    • condition of the printed circuit boards/electronics

    • condition of the wiring and cables, plugs and sockets

    • condition of the torque sensor

  • a summary of the reassembly of the motors, with notes to explain specific items serviced

  • a summary of the motor manual and power testing

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