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Yamaha Motors


Yamaha Motor Questions

My Yamaha motor seems to be getting nosier or stiffer over time?

Yamaha tend to use a grease that dries out or disperses over time. After approx 2,000 kms they could normally do with a cleanout and refresh. This quietens them down quite a bit. Obviously if bearings are beginning to fail, this will also increase noise.

My Yamaha motor seems noisy compared to other Yamaha motors?

The later Yamaha motors seem a little worse for this and we have found poor or damaged internal bearings on some brand new motors. However, usually it is caused by poor gear meshing, this can sometimes be rectified by swapping gears around but this is not really a practical fix.

My Yamaha motor is showing fault code 34 or 64, or any torque sensor error?

This is usually a fault of the printed circuit board (PCB) and is usually a good indication that the PCB has failed. Fortunately we now stock Yamaha PCB’s

Is Giant SyncDrive a Yamaha Motor?

Giant SyncDrive motors are basically a standard Yamaha motor with Giant software, we can fix any mechanical issue with Giant Yamaha motors as we can Yamaha. We cannot supply PCB boards for Giant SyncDrive motors.

I have a Giant SyncDrive and the motor has failed, can I fit a standard Yamaha motor?

No. Giant have locked down this possibility by insisting that the Giant battery and Giant controller, must see or talk to a Giant motor. Without one of these parts in the loop, nothing works.

I can feel play in my Yamaha crankshaft?

You should feel 1mm of lateral play (i.e. push and pull the crankshaft) This is not caused by Axial play of the bearing. You should not feel any radial play (i.e. lift and lower the crankshaft).

How do I tell which Yamaha model I have?

If your bike was manufactured before 2020 take a look at how the pedal crank arms connect to the motor. This will be an ISIS drive or a square drive. If your motor has an ISIS drive it should be a PW-X or PW-X2. If your motor has a square drive it should be a PW, PW-SE, (Later motors are PW-ST, PW-TE or PW-CE).

ISIS Drive




Square Drive



X0S70 shows motor type/model

We may need you to more accurately identify your motor and this can be done by letting us have the numbers found on the silver sticker that you should find on the bottom of your motor.

My Motor is creaking on each pedal stroke?

   1. My motor is slipping or jumping?

This is a very common symptom of worn chain or sprockets, not usually the motor (except for example below). This issue can usually follow changing the chain without changing the sprockets of vice versa. On an eBike you are putting 300% to 400% more power through the drive train and this will show up issues that would not normally present themselves on a normal pushbike.

   2. My pedals slip and catch sometimes?

This is usually caused by the grease getting old and sticking the freewheel pawls down so that they cannot engage properly with the ratchet. If left, this will destroy the freewheel mechanism and steel drive gear ratchet. This is a lot of damage and should be addressed as soon as possible.

isis drive yamaha giant sync pro motors pw pwx pwx2 pw se
square drive yamaha giant sync pro motors pw pwx pwx2 pw se
yamaha giant sync pro motors pw pwx pwx2 pw se
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