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About Our Servicing


The current array of eBike motors on the market are not designed or manufactured to be serviced, and most manufacturers prefer to sell you a new motor and discard the broken ones. We have developed specially machined and customised tooling for the removal and reassembly of individual eBike motor components. Without these tools, you can very easily damage the motor or damage components within the motor.


The reasons we have invested the time and money to design and develop these tools are:


Precision: eBike motors are intricate assemblies with tight tolerances. Specialised tooling ensures precise and accurate disassembly and reassembly, minimising the risk of damage or misalignment which is critical for best performance and reliability. These tools are designed to fit the specific motor components, allowing our technicians to work with precision and efficiency.


Compatibility: eBike motors come in different designs and configurations. The custom tools are engineered to match the specific motor models… that is, right tool for the right job.


Efficiency: eBike motor systems can be complex, with numerous components tightly integrated together. Special tools allow technicians to access and manipulate these components more easily, streamlining the repair and servicing process.


Reliability: eBike motors are expensive and proper maintenance is crucial to prolong their operational life – all current eBike motors suffer to some extent from water ingress. The tools we have developed ensure the servicing is performed correctly, minimising the risk of accidental damage or improperly installed components that may fail prematurely.


Professionalism: using specialised tooling demonstrates a high level of professionalism and expertise – provides confidence to the customer, ensuring the work is performed to a high standard.


The tools we have developed offer precision, compatibility, safety, efficiency, reliability, and professionalism. They have been developed to meet the unique requirements of today’s eBike motors, enabling proper maintenance and maximising the performance, durability and longevity of the motors.

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