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TQ Motor Servicing


The TQ HPR50 motor is an award-winning motor with harmonic pin ring transmission, currently fitted to the Trek Fuel EXe lightweight mountain bikes. Like many of the motors currently designed and released for eMtb use, it has some issues that need to be improved and fixed. Once again it is water dust dirt ingress, and as a result of our initial teardown and inspection of the TQ HPR50 motor, we can service the TQ HPR50 motor and improve its reliability.

Our investigations and diagnosis resulted in a common issue... the right-hand side crankshaft bearing being unsealed. Whilst the left side (non-drive) was found clean internally, the drive-side's unsealed bearing allowed water dust and dirt to enter and compromise the motor components. The benefit of a non-sealed bearing is that it allows pressure equalisation, however the negative is, it can and does allow ingress into the motor and directly onto the crankshaft clutch mechanism and transmission... from what is otherwise a very well-sealed motor unit.

TQ HPR50 Full Service & Upgrade ($675.00)

  • Disassembly of the TQ HPR50 motor

  • All internal transmission parts removed for thorough clean and inspection

  • All transmission and crankshaft bearings will be removed and replaced with original or better

  • The right-hand side crankshaft bearing will be replaced with a 'double-sealed bearing' for improved reliability

  • Where parts are found corroded, failed or worn beyond acceptable limits, the owner will be contacted to discuss options and pricing

  • Specialist greases are applied to all relevant surfaces/parts to maximise protection from water ingress and wear, and on all metal and nylon gear meshing surfaces to proved long-life operation.

  • Motor is reassembled and tested

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