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Sending Your Motor

NOTE: if you, or a mate, or a bike-shop has started to dismantle your motor. DO NOT SEND YOUR MOTOR.

How to send your Motor

Firstly, you must call (0452-339289) or email ( to discuss and confirm a service booking time. Typically, we have a 2-3 week backlog of work and a 2-3 day turnaround on each motor.

  1. Remove your Motor: you can remove the motor yourself if you are confident and mechanically skilled. Be very careful removing the electrical plugs and cables and do not pull by the wire or cable, remove by pulling on the plug itself. Check if the plug has any clip securing it - many plugs do have a securing clip. Otherwise, take it to your local bike shop that is familiar with eBikes, and eBike motor removals (typically $100-150 for removal and reinstall). Our charge for motor removal/reinstall, assuming the bike is properly washed/cleaned bike is $150.

  2. Cleaning the Motor (additional fee if not cleaned): you need to clean the motor before packaging it and sending it to us... otherwise there will be a cleaning fee, typically $20-30. We cannot disassemble a motor with mud dust dirt present, as that will contaminate the motor internals. So if it is not cleaned, we will clean it.

  3. Removing Covers Cranks & Chainrings (additional fee if not removed): preferably, remove any motor plastic covers, the cranks and chainring spider assembly. We just need the motor.

  4. Packaging and Packing Tips: ensure your motor is well packed, plenty of bubble wrap and a strong box is usually sufficient, with extra protection at each crank end or any sharp or fragile area (eg. electrical sockets). Do not use large air packets, when they pop your motor will not be protected. If there has been any email correspondence regarding your motor servicing, please include a copy of that with the motor.

  5. Shipping / Australia Post: we use Australia Post almost exclusively, they are reliable and reasonably priced. We typically return the serviced motors by Australia Post, registered and insured. Make sure you clearly label your motor with both our address and your address as the sender (see our address below).


Paul Moir

6 Cheshire Grove

ELANORA  4221  Qld

m. 0452-339289

The Motor Servicing

Once we receive your motor, it will be serviced at the scheduled timing discussed and confirmed.

During the initial disassembly and inspection of the motor, if there is anything found which would not normally be expected, or unforeseen damage that requires repair or a component replacement, we will contact the customer and advise the cost, and approval for any additional costs not quoted at time of booking.

Once the motor is completed, we will send a Service Report for each motor, which has an invoice attached. Once payment is received, the motor will be posted out via Australia Post (registered and insured).


Motor Servicing Cost
Our current pricing is listed below for major motor brands (other brands please ask). There are variations to this pricing - but this is a good guide, and this pricing includes a full bearing/seal overhaul and motor service.



Classic (Gen 1) $765.00
Active Line (Gen 2) $765.00
Performance Line (Gen 2) $765.00
Performance Line CX (Gen 2) $765.00
Active Line (Gen 3) $765.00
Active Line Plus (Gen 3) $765.00
Performance Line (Gen 3) $765.00
Performance Line CX (Gen 4) $925.00



Belt Replacement $450.00

Full bearing overhaul / motor service (no belt replacement) $714.50
Full Belt/Bearing/Seal Upgrade & Motor Service - $942.00 (all models)



PW $649.50
PW-SE $649.50
PW-ST $649.50
PW-X $649.50
PW-X2 $649.50

PW-X3 $649.50

For other brand motor servicing costs, please refer to the individual service pages for each brand motor.

Postage Cost
Shipping costs Australia wide are normally around $45, registered and insured with Australia Post.

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