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shimano ebike motor service repair fix e0101 error code ep8 e8000

Shimano Motors


Do we sell Shimano bearings, bearing overhaul kits and parts?

We currently stock Shimano bearings and bearing overhaul kits for the Shimano E8000 and EP8 eBike motors. We regularly sell the Shimano parts, bearings and bearing kits, as some owners will take that risk with a new motor costing in excess of $1500.


Do we service Shimano ebike motors... No not at this time?

Currently we do not service the Shimano ebike motors. We have in the past serviced the Shimano E8000 motors with some success and some failures, failures occurring when we go to test the serviced motor in operation. The overhaul of the E8000 motor is not an issue, and we can very successfully service the Shimano motor with our special tooling and greases to bring the motor operation back to new. What the issue is, is the high risk that when we go to restart the serviced motor, a Shimano E010 error code may show and the motor is inoperable (dead)… this is a very costly risk that we no longer take.


Have we successfully serviced Shimano ebike motors?

We have serviced Shimano motors in Australia, and to date we have had a 50% success rate of not having the E010 Shimano error code show up. Steve from Victoria had us service his Shimano E8000, and it all worked out very well… Steve wrote a review and said, “Had our Shimano Steps 8000 overhauled a while ago now and it is still going strong. The work was spot on. Thanks again Paul, appreciated legend!” But the next Shimano motor serviced may fail with an E010 error code.

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