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Matt (Brose SMag)

Awesome breakdown and report, probably the best I’ve seen for just about anything I’ve ever had repaired. I’m really happy thanks heaps. 


Marcus (Brose SMag)

Thanks for the first-class service to say the least mate. Easy to understand how you've earned the reputation.

Paul (Yamaha SyncPro)

Motor is awesome... thanks again Paul.

Jotham (Bosch Gen-2)

You are fantastic, thank you so much. You probably saved me $1800. So I'm really grateful, fantastic service. Thank you so much.

Christine (Brose Gen-1)

Hi Paul. New motor is back in my bike and all working smoothly.  Thankyou very much, excellent service. 🙂

John (Levo SL - Mahle 1.1)

Hey Paul, got the motor in and took it for a ride the other day. Went really well, thanks again for your help :)


Mark (Brose SMag)

Exceptional service and great service report. Here's hoping it lasts a while now. Do you get many coming back for a second rebuild? Exceptional work, I'll be recommending you to all my Levo mates.

(Response: since we started nearly 2 years ago, we've never had a motor back for a second rebuild. 70+ Brose motors serviced/upgraded now with no returns)

Graeme (Brose SMag)

Paul provided exceptional service in repairing my Specialized motor. What stood out the most was his remarkable customer service... knowledgeable and extremely patient, taking the time to explain each step of the process. His dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction was truly admirable. 

David (Brose SMag)

Mate, it (the motor) is better than it ever has been. Perfection.

Kev (Creo SL - Mahle 1.1)

​Paul your “lube” has (my motor) purring. As quiet as when new or even quieter!! CU in another 10,000 kms.

2 months on... a 30kph 30km ride. Felt better than from new day 1! It is definitely quieter than day 1. The whir is much quieter. Thx again. Kev


Dave (Brose SMag)

Hi Paul... rode it on Thursday night and it sounded and performed immaculately.

2 months on... Hey Paul, just thought I’d keep you updated. My motor is still running perfect with absolutely no motor noise at all. A number of 50km rides in all temperatures no problems.

Joseph (Kenevo SL - Mahle 1.1)

Hey Paul. Took it for a hard blast around Lost World at Nerang yesterday, ran it in turbo mode the whole time and pushed hard. Ran faultlessly. Smooth and quiet. Job well done I think! :). Thank you Paul. A grade service.


Gerhard (Yamaha SyncPro)

Hey mate, thanks again for all your help, just got home. I’ll let my mates know about you. Motor is great... Motor is definitely quieter too.

Mark (Bosch Gen-2)

Hi Paul, the motor is working well, no complaints. It seems to be performing better under sustained high loads, but maybe that's just me?? Thanks Mark.

Jim (Brose SMag)

Just got it all back together, plugged in and running like a dream !!! Thanks again Paul !!  

Hadyn (Shimano enquiry)

Rang today just for info, Paul gave me his time willingly and answered all my questions, very knowledgeable and professional, will definitely use their services when required.

Tilmann (Bosch Gen-4 + Rohloff conversion)

Thank you and all the best. I have cycled 31,276 kms with my Focus bike since the Rohloff conversion in November 2021. Thank you for a job well done 👍

Wayne (Brose Gen-1)

Great job on my motor, smooth and silent. Just feels a little tight while it beds in,,,, other than that its wicked thank you. I'll send my other motor in a couple months. Thank you so much for your AWESOME service Pure Champion love ya work.


Bruce (Brose Gen-1 + Rohloff conversion)

Strava: so pleased with my refurbished bike, gotta recommend Puresports Elanora Qld, Paul's work is top class. 

Sms: Hi there Paul, very pleased with how well my refurbished e-bike felt to ride. You did an excellent job. Thank you indeed.

Stephen (Bosch Gen-2)

Hi Paul, I have ridden about 120km after you repaired it (the motor) and I'd like to report its faultless. I'm thinking of buying a new derailer but the motor itself has been nothing short of awesome. I thank you for your business like behaviour and professionalism whilst dealing with me. It was a pleasure dealing with you and I'm very happy and appreciative of the service you provide. Thanks again I'll be sure to pass on positive feedback to anyone relevant.


Ronald (Yamaha SyncPro)

Hi Paul, the motor works great. The sensation (with the motor) that I had prior to the repair has gone. 

Simon (Bosch Gen-4)

This guy really knows his stuff and operates the most professional workshop I’ve seen. His range of tools is something to see. I saw Paul about a problem I had with my eMtmb. As it worked out, there was nothing wrong with my bike but a bit of “operator error” on my behalf. No problem. Paul explained what I was doing wrong ( a battery issue). He then proceeded to do a full diagnostic on my set-up while I waited to double check. Lucky it was all good. Hopefully my motor holds up but I’d have no problem taking my rig to Paul to fix if it ever plays up. 5 Star.

Pamela (Brose SMag)

I sent my Levo motor 10470km to Paul for an upgrade, inspection and improved water sealing. He is meticulous and efficient in his approach to everything he does .The motor is now even quiter and smoother than before, it had some water ingress. I'll now be sending my husbands Levo in for the same treatment. Great job thanks and really worth doing to get hopefully 20,000km more.

Gerhard (Yamaha SyncPro)

Hey mate, thanks again for all your help, just got home. So great!! I’ll let my mates know about you.

Luiz (Brose Gen-1)

HI Paul, good afternoon.
I just had my first normal commute ride on the bike yesterday and the motor was very silent. Tks for your great work.


Andrew (Shimano)

Very helpful, sorted a problem with my Norco Sight e bike, no one else had a clue. 1 shop wanted $120.00 just to diagnose, another who was an authorised Norco dealer pulled everything apart, back wheel out. cranks off and motor out of bike and then claimed it was a cracked frame. Had me stressing. Paul fixed it with less than a week turnaround (not a cracked frame, not the motor... a freewheel hub that required a service).

Brandon (Yamaha SyncPro)

The eBike Motor Centre communicates well when providing service and repair of ebike motors. They made the customer's Yamaha (Giant) ebike feel like new again with a fresh set of shaft bearings and service. It's certainly a great way to keep a eBike going once the motor exits the warranty period. Highly recommend.

Steve (Yamaha SyncPro)

Motor is back in and done a couple of rides, it's def quieter and I think the battery is lasting a bit longer as well, very happy, thank you very much.

Simon (Impulse)

Just took my completely broken motor for a 40km spin and it purred like a kitten. From what I can tell there are also some improvements to make up for design flaws. I was originally nervous about an overhaul but these guys provided excellent communication and gave thorough explanations with pictures. Plus they’re backed by Performance Line Bearings in the U.K who are world leaders in ebike motor overhaul. Very pleased.

Steve (Shimano)

Had our Shimano Steps 8000 overhauled a while ago now and still going strong. The work is spot on. Thanks again Paul, appreciated legend!

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