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Mahle Motor Servicing


We service both the 1.1 & 1.2 Mahle motor - these motors are better known as the Specialized SL motors, found on the Specialized Creo, Specialized SL Levos and Specialized SL Kenevos. 

The Mahle (the Specialized SL) motor is in general a very good motor, with good sealing. Corrosion (water ingress) is not the main concern with the Mahle, the most common problem we find is the torque sensor sprag (clutch bearing) requiring a service or replacement - customers will report drive loss or drive slipping, which can occur on and off, inconsistently. The main crankshaft and casing bearings do suffer from both water and dust/debris ingress, and these two main bearings are replaced as part of the overhaul and service (these are custom sized-custom ordered bearings, which are not found at a bearing shop, or online). There are some other minor bearings that are replaced during the service and all gears are greased with special greased for long-life metal and nylon gear operation.


Mahle Full Bearing Service & Overhaul ($689.50)

  • Disassembly of motor

  • All internal drive train parts removed for thorough clean and inspection

  • All drive train bearings will be removed and replaced with original or better

  • Upgrade the right-hand crankshaft bearing for the Mahle 1.2 motor

  • Mahle torque sensor removed, sprag bearing serviced and/or replaced and upgrade the upgrade retainer cap

  • New seals, O-rings and circlips fitted

  • Where parts are found corroded, failed or worn beyond acceptable limits, the owner will be contacted to discuss options and pricing

  • Specialist greases are applied to all relevant surfaces/parts to maximise protection from water ingress and wear, and on all metal and nylon gear meshing surfaces to proved long-life operation.

  • Motor is reassembled and tested

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