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experience, process, quality and professionalism...  specialist tools and an intimate understanding of each motor
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eBike Motor Centre is the Australian one-stop shop for eBike motor servicing and bearings supply.


In partnership with eBike Motor Centre in the UK, we have developed the knowledge, the custom tooling and the proven processes necessary to professionally service, overhaul and repair the current eBike motors.

Bearings & Parts

We carry a full range of bearings and motor parts, for all major eBike brands and motor models... including Bosch Brose Impulse Mahle Panasonic Shimano TQ and Yamaha.

All bearings and parts can be purchased individually, or in specially prepared 'bearings kits' for a motor overhaul.

Motor Servicing

We provide full motor service and repairs for all the major motor brands and models today.

We follow a strict process of disassembly, inspection, detailed individual checks of components and a rebuild with the highest quality bearings and oem parts, to ensure improved reliability for the future.

A detailed Service Report is provided with each Puresports motor serviced.

Motor Upgrades

Puresports offers an exclusive upgrade service for a number of motor brands and models, upgrading components and installing additional or superior motor parts, to transform the standard motor to a better one... a motor which is stronger, a motor with improved water resistance, and a motor that offers a far more reliable operational future.

The Team

Our expertise is based on a small team with careers in design, engineering, and thermal imaging... and a highly skilled work resume in either electrical or mechanical disciplines.

Puresports has been engaged internationally to successfully resolve real world, current eBike motor problems... results and improvements that have been implemented into the latest generation eBike motors.

tele: 0452-339289

Gold Coast, Qld Australia

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